My Holistic Lifestyle Transformation

This E-Book describes a journey which took me from size 5X to size L/M, while avoiding Meds and relying on my Christian Faith, Chemical-Free Natural Spring Water, and Natural Foods, etc...

Although I'm not an author of sorts, I've tried my very best to share my experiences in simple layman's terms in the hope that all who reads it will take away something of value. I pray that everyone gains a sense of hope and self confidence that they too can realize their desired outcome.

I urge you to purchase a copy of my E-Book...It has the potential to do you "GOOD"! Recommend it to your friends, family, and loved ones...

Thank you, and I love you in the name of Jesus.





My Holistic Lifestyle Transformation

Losing weight slowly and steadily is the smartest and the healthiest way to go!

I am Ann Raeburn-Lewis, a Registered Nurse with over 30 years nursing experience in all disciplines of the health profession and certification in many health related areas, and, with a Master’s Degree in Health Service Administration. Recently, I became a Board Certified Micronutrient Specialist.

To all the obese, unhealthy and overweight persons around the globe, who have tried all sorts of dieting, spent enormous money on surgical procedures, medications, diet pills and on fitness centers; and are still struggling with weight loss and poor health, this is an invitation to share in my experiences through this e-book.

Let me inform you that you are destroying this precious and sacred body of yours that will lead to numerous chronic diseases, numerous medications and their side effects.

After spending most of my adult life in the fast paced countries of Canada and USA, eating all the fast foods, insufficient sleep and rest, moving from one job to the next to meet my financial obligations, drinking chlorinated water and hustling through the hectic traffic; I was setting up myself for a total health disaster.

The turning point came, when I decided to spend more time in my beautiful island of spice, where everything is fresh and nice...Grenada... 

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