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"About Us"

I Love Grenada... My Home Forever... A Land of Beauty, Friendship, Love & Peace...

Hello: My name is Ann.

"About Us" may be mostly about me. My husband is mostly a laid back person enjoying life while he works his fingers on the computer.

The 1979 Grenada Revolution brought destruction and devastation to my family. I was not quite 18 then.

Now, my new life was to begin by circumstances.

My only two choices were either to lament in sadness, or, to pick up the pieces and strive towards a better life. I chose the latter.

With a very strong educational background, especially in the sciences and math, I cherished an opportunity to pursue my higher education in the field of health.

I attained a "BSN" (Bachelor of Sc. in Nursing); a Master's Degree in Health Sc. Administration; a Diploma in Business Administration; and, several health related Certifications.

As I developed my nursing career in Canada, I continued to render my services there for several years, before joining colleagues in New York and working as a critical care nurse for most of the seven years spent there. I later returned to Canada after a detour in Grenada.

I also rendered my services in Grenada, at the General Hospital, in the capacity of "Human Resource Manager", and, at the St. Georges University as a "Nursing Co-ordinator/Asst. Professor".

I met and married my husband over seventeen years ago, although, it seems like it was just yesterday.

He has brought love, joy and happiness into my life and he continues to give me a real reason for going on. He is my greatest supporter and my best friend. So, that's why we make such a great team together.

If you ask me what about us that makes us a dynamic team, I would not hesitate to say that we are both "Born-Again" Christians who love the Lord and his creation, and, we treat each other with the utmost respect and love.

A Dream Come True..

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A true friend & dedicated worker...

January 12, 2011.

I've known Ann for most of my adult life, and, as a co-worker in New York for over seven years. She is a highly motivated trained professional with lots of nursing experience.

Her passion for the elderly is well established among those of us who know her and have worked with her extensively.

Gilma Haynes,

Asst. Dir...Critical Care Nursing, Interfaith Medical Centre, Brooklyn, N.Y.

To whom it may concern...

Sun, January 30, 2011.

Ann provided care for my wife during her last days. My family and I found her hard working, dedicated, empathetic, soft-spoken, trustworthy and a very caring person. From her first visit we realized that she is the type of nurse that we felt we could sleep while she looked after my wife.

We wish her well and feel sure that with her capabilities and with the support she will be getting will make for a very successful and much needed adult daycare.

Natie Maister,

Toronto, Canada.

A Special Lady...

February 02, 2011.

Ann took care of my stepmother during her last days with us. She was with my stepmother when she took her last breath.

Even when our family was told that my stepmother wasn't going to make it through the night, Ann gave us hope and comfort to face the next few days.

I felt that I could go home at night knowing that my stepmother was in good hands and well taken care of. She lived for another nine days under the caring hands of Ann.

I felt that Ann not only took care of my stepmother but she was also extremely sensitive to my father’s needs and his well being at this stressful time. She not only cared about the patient but the family as a whole.

I feel we were lucky to have had such a special lady to be with our family in our time of need.

Elaine Frysh,

Thornhill, N. Toronto Canada.