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The Following Videos By Dr. Osborne are for Information Purposes Only!  

Symptoms of Magnesium Defiency

What your Doctor Didn't Tell You About Blood Sugar Problems

What Your Doctor Didn't Tell You About Blood Sugar Meds!

The Triangle of Health

Seek medical attention right away if any of these SEVERE side effects occur while taking insulin regular: Severe allergic reactions (rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue; wheezing; muscle pain); changes in vision; chills; confusion; dizziness; drowsiness; fainting; fast or irregular heartbeat; headache; loss of consciousness; mood changes; seizures; slurred speech; swelling; tremor; trouble breathing; trouble concentrating; unusual hunger; unusual sweating; weakness.

The Cholesterol Myth By Dr. Jonny Bowden

Essential Trace Minerals & Mineral Deficiency Explained by Dr. Robert Thompson M.D.

A series of health lectures by Dr. John Burgman

"How To Use Affirmations", The Correct Way by: Louise L. Hay

"Think And Grow Rich"

"How to get what you really, really want"

"The Strangest Secret"

Why is Success Slipping Through Your Fingers

You Were Born Rich

The Science Of Getting Rich

Finding Your Purpose

Your Right To Be Rich: by Napoleon Hill

"Definite Purpose": by Napoleon Hill

The Law of Success

Master Mind

"Courage & Self Image": by Earl Nightingale

Secrets In Plain Sight

The Power of The Subconscious Mind

How To Attract Money

From Poverty To Power: by James Allen

The Twelve Powers Of Man

Self Healing
(Powerful Psychological Tool For Healing Oneself)
by: Louise L. Hay

101 Power Thoughts by:
Louise L. Hay

Power Of Subconcious Mind Power Techniques

The Power is Within You by: Louise L. Hay

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway
by:Dr. Susan Jeffers

The Power Of A Thought by: Bishop T.D. Jakes

Let It Go|Forgiveness... by: Bishop T. D. Jakes

The Power
by: Rhonda Byrne

Eight Hours of Music For Meditation

Sounds To Sleep In Meditation

Pure Spirit Of Relaxation

Goals by: Zig Ziglar
How to Set Them...
  How to Reach Them...

How To Be A Winner by:
Zig Ziglar

Becoming an "I Can" Person by: John Maxwell

The Winning Attitude by:
John Maxwell

Take Charge Of Your Life by:
Jim Rohn

The Day That Turns Your Life Around
Jim Rohn

Eleven Keys To Excellence by: John Maxwell

The Miracle Of Self Discipline by: Brian Tracy

Achieving Goal is Predictable by: Brian Tracy

Thinking Big by: David Schwatz

Your Thoughts Are Creating Your Reality by: Dr. Wayne Dwyer

The Secrets Of Vibrations Pt.2

The Effects Of Human Thoughts & Words On Water by: Dr. Masaru Emoto
"The Water Experiment"

The Two Most Powerful Words
"I Am"

The Power Of Positive Thinking
by: Dr. Norman Vincent Peale