After Being Away From Grenada,
Living and Working As a Nurse In North America
For More Than 25 Years...
"My Life-Long Dream Has Come True" ! ! !

Vision: Excellence in Health Care consultation in Grenada, with a focus on compassion and respect for the individual's privacy.

Mission: To provide high quality professional consultation, dietary & nutritional guidance, instructional advice on proper hydration, beneficial exercises, proper deep breathing techniques and safe sleep practices.

INTRODUCING:"My Holistic Lifestyle Transformation"...
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Hello, My name is Ann Raeburn-Lewis. My challenge to face my health issues was enormous, but I faced it head on and won. You too can win...

This E-Book is a testimony and a road map of my journey from serious obesity and other chronic lifestyle diseases to my current state of health and vitality. I hope it will offer hope and guidance to everyone who reads it.

On my journey, I found out, among many other things, that food is "Information To Our Bodies"... I also found out that our bodies require 90 (Ninety) "Minerals", "Vitamins", and essential "Fatty Acids" to function properly each day of our lives. Without these nutrients, our bodies deteriorate and "Disease" sets in, even death.

My e-book will give some graphic details of my journey, for example:

Here, I was down to size 3X and weight was 245lbs.

My decision to return to my homeland Grenada, ‘the isle of spice in the Caribbean’, and established an Adult Daycare, paid off big time. One of my goals for 2017 is to provide "Consultation and Counselling" for those who find it difficult to go it alone. Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on.

May God Bless You Always.

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My Holistic Lifestyle Transformation...


Losing weight slowly and steadily is the smartest and the healthiest way to go!

I am Ann Raeburn-Lewis, a Registered Nurse with over 30 years nursing experience in all disciplines of the health profession and certification in many health related areas, and, with a Master’s Degree in Health Service Administration. Recently, I became a Board Certified Micronutrient Specialist.

To all the obese, unhealthy and overweight persons around the globe, who have tried all sorts of dieting, spent enormous money on surgical procedures, medications, diet pills and on fitness centers; and are still struggling with weight loss and poor health, this is an invitation to share in my experiences through this e-book.

Let me inform you that you are destroying this precious and sacred body of yours that will lead to numerous chronic diseases, numerous medications and their side effects.

After spending most of my adult life in the fast paced countries of Canada and USA, eating all the fast foods, insufficient sleep and rest, moving from one job to the next to meet my financial obligations, drinking chlorinated water and hustling through the hectic traffic; I was setting up myself for a total health disaster.

The turning point came, when I decided to spend more time in my beautiful island of spice, where everything is fresh and nice... Grenada.

On my arrival in Grenada, I did a SUPER KITCHEN CLEANSE.

I cleaned out all the kitchen cupboards and the fridge. I discarded all the tin stuff, processed food in bottles and tins, white flour, white sugar, white rice and white potatoes, sodas, boxed of processed juices and ice cream in the refrigerator.

Every Saturday, I will visit the local market and purchased fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, Grass-Fed meats and my spices...